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Spectrum might be overcharging you for services. Read why

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Posted by SnailMail

Spectrum is keep increasing the price for customers who switch from time warner cable to spectrum.

This is how they scam customers by making false promises.

1. When you sign up for services, you will be promised to receive a lower price for next 12 months but that would change quickly. 

2. After signing up for services, your price generally will increase WITHIN FEW DAYS.

3. Additional services would be added to your plan without your authorization and your monthly bill will increase without you knowing.

4. Added services are considered mistakes by Specturm employees. 

5. Reasons for price increase within few days -

   - Previous Specturm reps gave you wrong quote by mistake.

   - Specturm system generates random prices every few days.

Please share your reviews about what you think about Specturm.

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